CBD for Beginners (Guide)

In the past, the cannabis sativa plant was mostly associated with recreational drug use, but in recent years, we’ve seen a real shift in attitudes and understandings towards this particular plant. This article is CBD for beginners, here you can understand what CBD, THC is and how cannabinoids work.

CBD oil and hemp products have started to become popular all across the UK and other parts of the world, but the industry is still young and a lot of people are unsure what CBD is, how it works, what it has to offer, and what possible risks or side effects it might involve.

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. This CBD buyers guide will introduce you to all the ins and outs of CBD, including how it’s made, what it can do, how it interacts with the human body, and where you can buy the best CBD oil UK too.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid, and a cannabinoid is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the cannabis sativa plant, which can take the form of both marijuana and hemp.

When we talk about CBD oil and CBD products, they’re typically made from hemp plants, which have very low concentrations of THC, another cannabinoid responsible for making people feel ‘high’, and helping marijuana become a recreational drug in the first place.

CBD has a similar chemical structure to THC, but it doesn’t produce the same psychoactive effects. It’s essentially just a natural ingredient of the hemp plant that can interact with the endocannabinoid system in the human body to produce different effects.

Studies and reviews are ongoing into how exactly CBD works and evaluating the benefits of CBD oil. For now, it can be prescribed by doctors and veterinarians and used to aid in the treatment of symptoms associated with different medical conditions.

What Is THC?

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. Like CBD, THC is also a cannabinoid found in both hemp and marijuana plants, but it has some key differences when compared to CBD.

THC has strong psychoactive properties, which means that it can affect the chemicals in the brain and lead to different mental effects, such as a feeling of being high.

As a novice CBD Oil user, you should understand that in Essentially, it’s THC that is mainly responsible for people feeling different when they use marijuana. However, studies have shown that it can have benefits to the human body in smaller doses.

When you’re looking for CBD oil for sale, some CBD oil UK may contain trace amounts of THC. Full spectrum oils, like those provided by Rick’s Hemp Oil, for example, usually contain small amounts of THC, aiming to offer the benefits of this cannabinoid without the psychoactive side effects.

How Does CBD Work(for Beginners)

CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in your body, which is a cell-signalling system that has been linked with a range of bodily functions and sensations like pain, stress, and appetite.

The ECS is quite complicated, with scientists still discovering more about it all the time. This guide to CBD oil, therefore, can’t make any definitive conclusions about the ECS, but studies have shown that it plays a part in many bodily processes.

The human body naturally produces endocannabinoids of its own that connect with receptors in the ECS, sending signals around the body and triggering different effects.

It is believed that CBD in pure CBD oil is also able to interact with the ECS and cause various things to happen throughout the body. Studies are ongoing into exactly what these effects are and what CBD has to offer.

How to Take CBD (for Beginners)

There are various ways one may choose to take CBD, and the right method and dosage will depend on the person’s situation and preferences.

If you read CBD guide and reviews from users, you’ll often see that the most common way to take CBD is orally, with a dropper.

The CBD oil can be dropped directly onto the space below the tongue, where it can be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream without needing to pass through the stomach and be digested.

There are other ways to take CBD too, like in creams and even edibles, as well as adding CBD oil bought from stores and shops, like Rick’s Hemp Oil, to recipes.

CBD Products

There are many different CBD products available in the UK market for delivery to your door or to be purchased in shops.

CBD oils are among the most common products and can come in different forms like full spectrum oils and broad-spectrum oils, which have slightly different contents. The best CBD oils are offered by verified brands like Rick’s Hemp Oil.

Other CBD products include capsules and tinctures, as well as lotions and creams that can be applied topically and edibles that can be consumed directly. There are even CBD pet treats and products to give to cats and dogs.


It’s easy to get confused about CBD oil as a beginner, especially with so many seemingly complex terms, abbreviations, and phrases floating around. Hopefully, this guide to CBD has helped you understand more about what it is and how it works.

FAQ (CBD for Beginners)

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a health and wellness product made from hemp plants. It contains cannabidiol (CBD), along with other natural ingredients from the hemp plant.

How to take CBD oil?

CBD oil can be dropped under the tongue. It may also be consumed in edibles or taken in pill or capsule form, as well as used in creams and tinctures.

What is CBD oil good for?

Studies are ongoing regarding the effects and benefits of CBD oil. Doctors may prescribe it to aid in the treatment of different conditions and symptoms.

What does CBD oil do?

CBD oil works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. It can help to trigger certain effects throughout the body.

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