With so many online CBD oil companies to choose from, it can be difficult finding the best CBD oils. For example, there are so many companies out there that make misleading claims and provide you with poor products. But we’re different, having our customer’s trust is important to us. And we only gain that trust by providing the very best in CBD Products.

At Rick’s Hemp Oil, we share our full manufacturing process with you. Only the best suppliers share their CBD production process. Best of all, our CBD products are compliant with FDA and FTC regulations.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil - Rick's Hemp Oil


FULL SPECTRUM CANNABIDIOL (CBD) If you want a pure oil with the best effect, you need to try this 100% customer satisfaction product. When choosing this, you’re getting Full Spectrum Cannabidiol oil that is made from industrial hemp. It’s combined with Nigella Sativa or MCT oil, and contains less than 0.2 THC, giving you maximum effects in every dosage. The benefit you get from using a full-spectrum CBD oil: you get the full therapeutic effects of the cannabinoids and terpenes it contains.

We give you the purest in products by processing using a CO2 extraction method to remove all pollutants – such as heavy metals and pesticides. We then have pure CBD oil that is higher quality hemp oil than any others on the market. Why add any unnecessary ingredients like preservatives or additives that won’t benefit you?

The Full Spectrum CBD oil comes in two highly-effective strengths: With two strengths, 3000 or 12,000 mg. If you’re looking for the purest premium oils available that offer many therapeutic results, then this is for you.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil - Rick's Hemp Oil


Looking for hemp oils but without the THC? Then our Broad-Spectrum oil is for you and it comes with all the benefits you need. Cannabidiol and Nigella Sativa have many beneficial compounds, and our CBD products contains both.

All traces of naturally occurring THC are removed, producing a CBD oil with no trace of any psychoactive ingredient. The only thing you get is the best results from the purest ingredients.

The choice is up to you: You can choose Between Broad Spectrum and full Spectrum, depending on the results you want. However, whichever you choose, you will get the maximum results, and not have to worry about any THC if using our Broad-Spectrum option. We create the purest oils by using a solvent-free CO2 extraction. This process gives us the highest quality every single time.

If you only want to use the best in Broad Spectrum CBD oils, then this is the product for you.


From seed-to-shelf, the full process is done by ourselves. No third-party input. Just us creating the highest in quality hemp oils. Another thing, to meet regulations, there has to be a certain level of quality, and we hit that level every time. Every single product of ours is independently tested. This is how we meet regulations, and how we meet, ours, and your, purity expectations.

As promised to our customers, we don’t rush things here. We just have a production process that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.


We understand that you may be a little sceptical on where you purchase your CBD oils. This industry has a lot of companies delivering weakly made products. Don’t worry, we’re not one of them. At Rick’s Hemp Oil, we strive to deliver the most potent products and the best in customer service to come with it.

Where do we source our products? Good question. We openly tell you this and operate with full transparency. This keeps us in line with regulations and keeps our customers happy. We want you to love our products, and repeatedly choose us. We only achieve this by supplying the very best in CBD oils.


Okay, if you didn’t know, Colorado has some of the strictest standards and labelling regulations in the world. So, we choose to produce all our products here. If you want to supply the best in the industry, then you need to coincide with the strictest regulations – which we choose to do.

By doing this, we choose to openly share our process with you. This way, we build trust with you, and with this, we’re confident that we will be your go-to supplier for all your CBD oil needs. We have worked hard to build our brand-trust, and continue to do so.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil and Full Spectrum CBD Oil - Rick's Hemp Oil


There’s a process named: Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Any company that follows this means every part of making CBD products, as well as the packaging and labelling is done to the strictest quality standards. To give our customers the best in quality, we follow these strict guidelines – from start to finish.


Our products are for anyone that wants to buy the best CBD oils on the market.

We only use the best quality grown hemp and our CBD products are 99% purity.

Our promise to you is to provide you with the best products on the market. We achieve this and keep a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

You can buy quality hemp products from us. We have a range of CBD products to choose from.

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