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CBD and hemp products are becoming increasingly popular around the world, with the industry growing bigger and bigger with every passing day. As the industry grows, new brands begin to emerge, and there are a lot of different options for people to choose from when shopping for CBD oil UK. Rick Simpson Oil is one of the brands you may have heard of in the past, with Rick Simpson often being talked about among CBD and cannabis enthusiast circles. Due to our name being Rick’s Hemp Oil, we’re often confused with RSO, but it’s important to state the clear and obvious differences between these two brands.

Rick Simpson Oil is very different to the CBD oils, made from industrial hemp plants, that we provide at Rick’s Hemp Oil. This guide will introduce you to the key differences between our brand and RSO Oil UK, helping you differentiate between the two and make the right choice when looking to buy CBD oil of your own.

What Is RSO?

Rick Simpson Oil, also commonly referred to as RSO oil, is a cannabis concentrate product which is very different from CBD oil or hemp oil.

It was created by a man named Rick Simpson, a Canadian medical marijuana activist, in response to his own diagnosis of skin cancer. Having used cannabis in the past for his own medical treatment, Simpson decided to make this oil.

RSO is a thick, syrupy cannabis concentrate that can be used in different ways, like being mixed in with food and drinks or applied topically, directly to the skin.

Rick Simpson cannabis oil has quite high levels of THC, especially when compared to CBD oils, like those provided by Rick’s Hemp Oil. THC is the main psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis sativa plants and is responsible for making people feel ‘high’ when using marijuana.

CBD oils, meanwhile, only usually contain very small amounts of THC, or none at all in the case of broad spectrum or isolate oils. So if you’re concerned about THC in any way, you may prefer to buy the best CBD oil UK over Rick Simpson Oil UK.

Who Is Rick Simpson?

You can find out the full Rick Simpson story by visiting the official Rick Simpson website or browsing a Rick Simpson Wiki.

Rick is a Canadian medical marijuana activist who had been using medical marijuana for years in the build-up to his diagnosis with skin cancer in 2003.

Shortly after his disease was diagnosed, he read a study learning about the effects of THC on cancer cells in mice and decided to make his own homemade cannabis oil, applying it directly to his cancerous moles and covering them up with a bandage.

According to Rick’s accounts, the growths had disappeared just a few days later. After that, he started cultivating cannabis plants on a larger scale and experimenting with them to create his own custom cannabis oil products.

He created a YouTube documentary and a book, entitled The Rick Simpson Story, to spread the word about his creation. He also gave it away for free for several years, but in 2009, he was ordered to stop.

He later moved to Europe and has been classified a criminal by the Canadian government, but continues to sell his RSO oil and you can buy Rick Simpson Oil UK from different sites, shops, and stores.

Dosage of RSO Oil

Those who choose Rick Simpson Oil buy UK may do so for various reasons, but it’s important to understand that this product is used and dosed very differently when compared to CBD oil.

Simpson offers his own dosage instructions and recommendations via his website, which have not been vetted or verified by any kind of scientific study.

Dosages of this oil vary from one person to the next, and RSO oil UK can be used in various ways.

It may be rubbed directly into the skin, dropped under the tongue, taken in capsule form, or blended in with foods and drinks.

Effects of RSO Oil

So far, there are no scientific studies of any kind regarding the effects and benefits of RSO Oil.

Rick Simpson himself has clearly claimed that the oil helped to treat his own skin cancer, which is part of the product’s appeal, but no scientific proof has been provided to support this claim.

Other people offering RSO Oil for sale state that it may be used to treat other conditions, with some anecdotal evidence regarding this but no scientific research so far.

Shop for Rick Simpson Oil

If you’re looking for Rick Simpson Oil buy online, there are various stores and shops offering shipping around the UK. It’s important to read reviews of sites and products to learn more before placing an order.

You may also be interested in high quality CBD oils, which can be bought directly on this site, with Rick’s Hemp Oil being a leading provider of organic, top quality oils for UK buyers.

One of the big differences between RSO and CBD oil is that CBD oil contains far less THC, meaning it won’t produce any ‘high’ sensation or serious psychoactive effects and has been studied scientifically too.


Rick Simpson Oil is one of the many cannabis products on the market right now, and people can accidentally mistake it for CBD or hemp oil, but it’s important to understand that it’s a very different concentration, rich in THC and associated with various risks and side effects like paranoia, anxiety, depression, and hallucinations, among others.


Where to buy Rick Simpson Oil?

You can order Rick Simpson Oil from various online retailers. It may also be purchased in certain shops and stores.

What is RSO?

RSO is short for Rick Simpson Oil. This is a kind of cannabis concentrate that is high in THC.

How much is Rick Simpson Oil?

The price of Rick Simpson Oil can vary from retailer to retailer. There are many different shops selling this product.

RSO oil price?

When it comes to cost, you’ll find different prices for different RSO amounts at different shops. Retailers set their own prices, and there’s no fixed industry standard cost for RSO.

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