CBD Oil Uruguay

For the gradual improvement in health and economy, South America is lucky to have a country like Uruguay. In the country, ‘Buy CBD oil Uruguay’ is frequently searched on the Google search engine because of the limited access available to the products.

Although fully legal, products like hemp oil or CBD oil that give great benefits are limited in access in Uruguay because of manufacturer and seller’s abuse. Therefore, Rick’s Hemp oil has stepped in to provide authentic and legally acceptable oils.

We understand and accept every city and nation’s differences and specificity. This knowledge is channeled to every cannabis or hemp oil delivery and production.

We have put this information together to avoid the ‘double scammed’ syndrome and help you can access CBD oil products in any of the major cities in Uruguay. It will help you understand the legal requirements and how delivery should be made.

Rick’s Hemp Oil Uruguay

The Oriental Republic of Uruguay is a country in South America. To the south-west, it borders with Argentina and to the Northeast, it borders with Brazil.

Inland size, Uruguay is the second smallest nation. It, however, serves as a country to over 3.5million Uruguayan.

When ranked with other Latin American countries, Uruguay ranked first when it comes to low corruption, democracy, peace, and press freedom. It is the third-best country on the continent when it comes to GDP and economic growth.

Uruguay was awarded the country of the year in 2013 by the Economist for its legalisation of the production, sale and consumption of cannabis.

The access to legal and authentic cannabis and hemp oil is difficult due to the massive cannabis market the country has. The market is flooded with fakes, and the hope of securing original products out of many seemingly good ones looks bleak.

Rick’s Hemp Oil is here to ease that search and provide you with a purely organic product. Check our site and contact us.

CBD Oil Montevideo

According to a 2011 census, Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay, has a population of 1,319,108 in an area of 78sq miles. The capital is the seat of the Uruguayan Parliament.

The city also has a world trade centre and a communication tower to call its own. These buildings speak volume of the range of architecture present in the city. From neoclassical to postmodern architecture, Montevideo has not shied away from setting up a state-of-the-art structure.

Montevideo has a rich heritage and cultural background. The Uruguayan tango is a native dance that originated in the late 1800s. Various cinemas, art studios, and theatres are located at various places in the city. The National History Museum of Montevideo is a museum that contains the rich history of the nation

The city’s cuisine is impeccable with varying themes. Beef, however, serves as the centre point of most dishes.

Montevideo is at the heart of the nation’s economy. With various small- and large-scale businesses, the city has one of the lowest poverty rates in the world. Its residents depend on agriculture as a means of production.

Montevideo is a city that has people with varying preferences. If you believe a large percentage of its people pay attention to health and fashion, your guess is right. Rick’s Hemp Oil believes our products would serve such percentage well. You can contact us for the speedy delivery of our products.

CBD Oil Salto, Cuidad de la Costa, Paysandú, Rivera and Las Piedras

Montevideo is undoubtedly the destination for any thriving business-oriented person in Uruguay due to the dense population and great social amenities present in the city. However, businesses should target the other cities in Uruguay to extend their brand.

It is exactly what we do at Rick’s Hemp Oil. Let’s take a look at cities that came close to the capital city of Montevideo.

Salto is a smaller region and the second-most populous city in Uruguay with a population of 104,028 people. It is located northwest of Montevideo.

At the entrance of Salto is a structure erected in memory of the infamous engineer Eladio Dieste. The highest building in the city is an apartment building called El Mirador. Salto also has a museum called Museo del hombre y la Technologia.

The youths of the city are involved in many carnivals and festivals where local alcohol called Mate is largely consumed.

Another city to be considered is Ciudad de la Costa. It is usually considered an extension of Montevideo by locals. Based on the 2011 census, it was regarded as the third most populous city in Uruguay.

Paysandú is a city near the Uruguayan river in the western region of the country. It shares a border with Argentina. It has a historical museum where weaponry and historical photos are in the exhibition.

The city has a population of about 79,000. Paysandu is a cosmopolitan city with its settlers coming from different origins like Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and many other African countries. The city depends largely on the brewing of alcohol, production of sugar and leather for most of its economy.

Las Piedras is the fifth most populous city in Uruguay and it is the home of many small businesses. Although life here is not sophisticated, the people live a quite respectable lifestyle.

With these details, you should be aware that we hold an amount of information about the cities and we cannot disappoint. Whether you need Cannabis oil in Salto, Cuidad de la Costa, Montevideo or anywhere, Rick’s Hemp Oil can make delivery to any of these major cities anywhere anytime in less than a week.

Delivery of CBD Oil in Uruguay

After legalising cannabis, Uruguay has a pretty massive cannabis market. There are a host of things that have been made from this plant. However, it has not curbed the number of fakes CBD oil in the market.

With a world-class brand like ours, we cannot afford to bring down our standards or the name we made for ourselves. We know a mere ‘cross our hearts’ may not do. So, we ask that you trust us to deliver to you the best.

Make your order online on our website or contact us for any information. Packages will get to you in a week. You can also choose to walk into any store or shops around you to buy CBD oil in Uruguay.

Why Rick’s Hemp Oil?

Rick’s Hemp Oil is a world-class brand in the production of oil from Cannabis, CBD, or Hemp plants. We have earned a name for ourselves and are confident of our product.

Every bottle of oil you buy contains a consistent level of expertise and hard work that display our commitment for the best. Our products can be custom made based on your requirements. We can custom make a product just for you based on tour demand.

Rick’s Hemp oil is also known for its strict adherence to government regulations. We are legally compliant to the laws of the government of the Republic of Uruguay in the production of CBD oil.

Every of our hemp or cannabis oil is purely organic. No traces of metals, lead or any extraneous materials present in any of our products.

No customers have ever being left unsatisfied in our history of producing hemp oils. Customer satisfaction is held in high regard and we attend to complaints and questions immediately we see them.

Our products are properly packed with the best dosages written on each bottle pack. We would appreciate if you go through our reviews and see for yourself what our products offer you.


Is CBD Oil Legal in Uruguay?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in Uruguay.

How to get CBD oil in Uruguay?

We are available if you want us to run such errands for you. You may also walk to authorised stores listed on our website to buy CBD oil in Uruguay.

Where to buy CBD oil in Uruguay?

Since cannabis is legal in Uruguay, getting CBD oil should not be a problem. Walk to any CBD oil shop and make your purchase.

How Long Does Shipping take to Uruguay?

It takes a maximum of seven days (plus or minus 2days) for our products to get to Uruguay.

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