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When the nations of Africa come to any scene, South Africa cannot be looked down on or ignored. Therefore, the words ‘how to buy CBD Oil South Africa’ is not strange. Because, when Hemp Oil and the benefits that accompany it gets to the continent of Africa, it can never overlook the southern kings of Africa.

We, at Rick’s Hemp oil, have not just brought the beneficial use of this product into the light but have also made it accessible for everyone anywhere who is in dire need of it.

Your question may be – can ‘CBD oil South Africa be authentic?’ or ‘hope it is not a scam?’ Having spent many years in the business, we understand your fears.

That’s why Rick hemp’s oil is putting this article together to enlighten you in terms of quality, legal requirements, and convenience of purchase in South Africa. We can be of help with anything you need concerning CBD, hemp, or cannabis oil.

Rick’s Hemp oil South Africa

Officially the Republic of South Africa (RSA), South Africa, is a country with a population of over 59 million people. It has the highest UNESCO heritage sites in Africa and a rich cultural background.

South Africa has the second-largest economy in Africa. Although the country has its fair share of economic issues, it has kicked start a come-back with an investment into research and technology. The country has the largest optical telescope in the southern hemisphere.

South African cuisines also live up to expectations. The theme of their meal is most times meat-centred. A lot of magic can be done with various types of meats. The country is also known in an appreciable number of countries for the wine they produce. Its best vineyards are in Stellenbosch, Paarl, and Barrydale where ales are made to turn in large income for the country.

The country became the first African country to host the world cup tournament in the year 2010. During this period, a vast majority of South African culture went on display. It became quite clear that the country has most of its people interested in fashion.

If you stay in this developing nation and want to consider a CBD oil business, Rick’s Hemp oil is here for you. Our comprehensive know-how of the business will amaze you.

CBD oil Johannesburg

Informally called the city of Gold, Jozi or Jo’burg, Johannesburg is the capital city of South Africa. It is one of the largest cities in the world in terms of landmass.

Johannesburg is the provincial capital and the largest city in the Gauteng province. As the capital, the city is a home for many government seats like the constitutional court. The city has a population of about 8million people.

Johannesburg does not have a distinctive architectural pattern, but climates and population density largely determine their buildings. The Hillbrow Tower and the Carlton centre is a testament that the city contains one of the tallest structures on the continent.

The city is not lacking in the country’s quest to improve the wellbeing of its teeming populace. It should be noted that any city in search of better wellbeing may find it difficult to let go of the beneficial use of a product like cannabis oil.

Therefore, authentic hemp oil in Johannesburg can be made available by Rick’s Hemp oil. You can contact us for your oil.

CBD oil Cape town, Pretoria, Durban, Soweto, and Port Elizabeth

Johannesburg has been, without a doubt, the richest, largest, and most influential city in South Africa. However, let us check other cities that came close.

Cape town is the second-largest city in South Africa. In 2014, Cape town was named ‘one of the best’ places to visit by the New York Times.

With a lot of entrepreneurial influence, the city is home to many retail businesses, shipping companies, petrol chemical factories, fashion designers, industrial designers, publishers, architects, and a host of other large scale and small industries. Being a port city, any business entry, or visit that escapes the airport will find its way to the city’s seaport.

Pretoria is a city famously called Jacaranda city because of the many Jacaranda trees planted in the streets of the city.

Also, there are several museums scattered around the city. The Voortrekker museum, the Pretoria art museum, and the Transvaal museum are a few of many museums situated in the city. It is a medium tourist attraction and holds many stories of the history of South Africa itself.

Durban is a city with a degree of Indian and colonial influence. It is the third most populous city in South Africa.

The city is always filled with the vacation atmosphere as a result of numerous beaches present in the city. Durban is also known as the curry capital of the country. It is an exciting destination for those who need their taste buds refreshed. The city also has an economy that is mostly dependent on Sugar production.

Port Elizabeth is also an important city in South Africa. Just like Durban, the ‘friendly and windy place’ has many resort-like beaches and a notable port where a lot of businesses are carried out. The city largely depends on automobile assemblage and safari tourism for most of its income.

These cities are important places in the country. Therefore, Rick’s Hemp Oil can assure you that if you need our cannabis oil, CBD oil, and hemp oil in Durban, Pretoria, Cape town, Port Elizabeth, or even Johannesburg, we are up to the task.

Delivery of CBD Oil in South Africa

Being a beneficial oil, the demand for CBD oil is high in South Africa. This demand has also flooded the market with fakes.

If you are afraid of getting fakes, we can assure you that our oils are a hundred percent quality. Having heard these same words countless times, we understand you may be doubting, but we can trust us.

You may contact us on our website and make an order. Your package will be delivered in a maximum of a week. You may also choose to access any available Rick’s Hemp oil store or shops near you.

The products are well packed and well arranged with the required dosage written on each bottle. Please kindly read our reviews and leave one after you’re impressed at the quality of products we provide.

Why Rick’s Hemp oil?

You might have heard of many company names making and selling oil. Sadly, some are gone and probably banned because they refuse to adhere to legal requirements.

Every bottle of oil is a testament to the quality and legal adherence. We have produced our oil in obedience to the requirements stipulated by the government of South Africa.

Also, our hemp oil is purely organic, and any extraneous compounds are absent.

At Rick’s Hemp oil, we prioritise customer satisfaction. What use is a product when customers have to suffer a lot before getting it? Every step of product delivery right from production till it reaches your doorsteps have been taken care of.


Is CBD Oil Legal in South Africa?

If the CBD oils are purchased from licensed vendors and have the legally acceptable amount of THC, it is legal in South Africa.

How to get CBD oil in South Africa?

Rick’s Hemp oil is ready to run the delivery for you. You may, however, walk up to authorised stores listed on our sites in any of the major cities in South Africa.

Where to buy CBD oil in South Africa?

Any major CBD oil store sells the oil. You should, however, be wary of scammers. Buy from us to ensure that you get original products.

How Long Does Shipping take to South Africa?

Within 24-48 hours, your orders are processed. You will have your product shipped to you in 7days.

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