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Our CBD oil is a crucial part of staying healthy. Indians are hardworking and resourceful people. Cannabis has been used in India for thousands of years. However, we now bring you a safer alternative when looking to buy CBD Oil in India.

CBD oil and tinctures are legal for sale in India under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act. Indians are now faced with a big decision about where to buy hemp oil in India. There is a lot of low-grade CBD oil in India. It can be hard to decide which brand can be trusted.

Rick’s organic oil store produces the best CBD Oil in India. We deal in the finest quality CBD Oil money can buy. Our group of experts works round the clock to make products free of contaminants, solvents, and chemicals.

Rick’s Hemp oil India

India is located in the Southern part of Asia. It is the second-most populous country in the world after China. It is home to over 1.5 billion people with 29 states and 22 different dialects and languages. The official language of India is Hindi.

India is known for its movie industry. Bollywood owns the largest movie industry globally, and it is the second-highest movie producer in the world. India is the largest producer and exporter of Mango in the world. Algebra was discovered in India.

CBD Oil New Delhi

New Delhi is India’s capital, and it occupies the North-central part of the country, south of Old Delhi. The city is nestled on the banks of the Yamuna river. The vibrant city is full of colors, wide paved streets, and lots of activities.

New Delhi is a cosmopolitan city with young and vibrant people. The people of New Delhi are open to new ideas, cultures, and lifestyles. They celebrate all major cultural festivals. In New Delhi, they are united in their diversity.

New Delhi has a vast array of beautiful temples. The Lotus or Bahail’s Temple is a sight to behold. It is a truly magnificent edifice as it lights up a thousand gems at night. Akshardham is another awe-inspiring temple. It is a piece of the architectural masterpiece that everyone should see.

The top things to do in New Delhi include visiting the local market and eating food from a street vendor. India has a wide variety of herbs and spices that you can buy during your visit. After a long day of exploration and activities, Rick’s hemp oil is a must-have.

CBD Oil in Hyderabad, Jaipur, Agra, Mumbai, and Jaisalmer

Hyderabad, Jaipur, Agra, Mumbai, and Jaisalmer are major cities in India with top-rated tourist attractions. They are some of the best places to visit in India.

Mumbai was formerly called Bombay. It is a highly-populated area along the Indian West Coast. It is the largest city in India and the financial headquarters of the country. On Mumbai’s harbor is The Gateway of India stone arch. British built the arch in 1924.

Hyderabad, on the other hand, is located in the Southern part of India in Telangana State. It is the technology capital of India. Hyderabad is a beautiful former diamond-trading hub in old India. A visit to India is incomplete until you have visited the Mecca Masjid.

Jaipur is the mighty Rajasthan state’s capital, and it was a powerful state with an equally powerful royal family controlling the region. Jaipur is nicknamed the Pink City of India. The city is littered with gardens and museums, relics of the royal house. Amer Fort is the crowning jewel of the old city of Jaipur.

Agra is a city set on the banks of the Yamuna river. It is one of the major tourist attractions in India. Millions of people all over the world are attracted to this prosperous city yearly. They come from all over to see the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is said to be the greatest symbol of love in the world. It is the dream of many to exchange their vows in this building.

Jaisalmer was a medieval trading town in ancient India. The golden city is located in the heart of the Thar Desert in the Western part of India. The humid city is known for its Jaisalmer or Golden Fort, and it was built in the 12th century. You can see it towering above other structures in the town. The Golden city contains old mansions and castles, a tribute to its prosperous past.

Wherever you choose to visit or live in India, there is always an activity for you.

Here’s the thing, we deliver our oils everywhere in India.

Deliver CBD Oil in India

We have one of the most efficient delivery systems a store can have. We offer fast, safe and seamless delivery to our customers. Your satisfaction is important to us.

As soon as your order gets to us, we start processing it. We begin processing your order immediately. Your order is on its way to you within 48 hours of payment. We dispatch your product via express shipping. It typically takes about seven days for your order to get to your doorstep.

We will provide you with a shipping number as soon as it is dispatched. This number makes it easy for you to know the status of your orders. We provide insurance on all orders. You do not have to worry about damage or loss during the transportation process.

Our responsibility to you is not complete until you receive your parcel. Patronize our online store next time you need to buy hemp oil in India.

Why Rick’s Hemp Oil?

There are many outlets offering Hemp Oil in India, but none measures up to our standard. Our priority is to stay ahead of the competition by providing the best hemp oils for a bargain. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Our CBD oil often referred to as Cannabis Oil is made using the finest organic hemp seeds, and our products do not contain contaminants such as solvents and chemicals. We sell only the purest cannabis oil. Our experts are working hard at ensuring quality maintenance and product satisfaction. Buy your oils at our online store.

Instructions on dosage are attached to all products. Contact us if you have any further questions on the use and efficacy of our products.


Our consumers often ask the following questions;

Is CBD oil legal in India?

CBD oil use and possession are legal in India. Sales are permitted in India under India’s NDPS Acts. This permission is by the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

How to Get CBD Oil in India?

CBD oil can be purchased in many stores around India. The best place to buy CBD oil in India is our online Rick’s oil shop. Our extensive catalog is available on our online store for easy access. You can easily place orders and make payments with any of our payment methods. Your products will be delivered at your location in no time.

Where to buy CBD oil in India?

You can buy CBD in India right here on our website.

How Long Does Shipping Take to India?

Our products are shipped within 48 hours after the order has been made. Our express shipping method only takes a week to get to your doorstep.

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