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More and more people are buying CBD products, such as CBD oil, but it’s important to note that the quality and standards of manufacture for these products can vary quite a lot. CBD oil, for example, can be made in very different ways, resulting in different products with different levels of quality and different effects on the user too. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for CBD oil Portugal or CBD oil France, it’s important to know the way in which the product was produced. This can have a real impact on the quality. For this reason, many people like to focus on CBD oil that has been extracted using the CO2 CBD extraction technique.

CBD Extraction Process

Many people know what CBD oil is. It’s a health and wellness product, made from hemp plants and making use of cannabidiol or CBD as its key ingredient. CBD oil can have various uses and effects and is in widespread use across the globe, which is why we can see CBD far and wide, from CBD oil Spain to CBD oil Slovenia

However, while many people understand the basics of CBD, they don’t often know the specifics of how to extract CBD and the different methods that can be used in this process. There are actually two main types of CBD extraction methods: ethanol extraction and CO2 CBD extraction. They work in very different ways.

Ethanol Extraction vs CO2 Extraction

With ethanol extraction, the hemp plant is heated first and then soaked in a solution of ethanol. After a time, the solution gets filtered, separating the oils from the plant material, and the ethanol evaporates. The process can be repeated several times to get a more refined, pure product

Ethanol extraction is an effective method for producing CBD oil wholesale, but the presence of alcohol in the mixture can be off-putting for some people. It can also affect the taste of the final product. This is why some people prefer to opt for CO2 extracted CBD oil instead.

With the CO2 method, carbon dioxide is essentially used like a solvent. It is first cooled and put under high pressure to enter a liquid state. From there, the CO2 and the hemp plant material are placed in a chamber together, where CBD and other cannabinoids, along with terpenes, dissolve right into the carbon dioxide itself.

The Benefits of CO2 Extracted CBD Oil

There are various benefits to CO2 extracted oil. For starters, this is one of the safest and most efficient methods of producing CBD oil for use around the world, like CBD oil in Italy and CBD oil in Germany. It produces a safe and low-risk product, as CO2 is a very safe solvent that is commonly used in the production of other substances too. 

When compared to ethanol extraction, CO2 extraction also has the advantage of producing a purer and cleaner product that isn’t as green, viscous, or bitter-tasting. So CO2 extracted oil is more enjoyable and pleasant for the user too. Plus, since alcohol isn’t involved in the process in any way, this is the best method for getting alcohol free CBD oil.

Natural and Organic Products

One of the appealing aspects of CBD oil is that the best oils are natural and made with organic ingredients. Such ingredients and products are becoming increasingly popular in recent times, with entire events dedicated to them. The Middle East Organic & Natural Products Expo Dubai is an example of this kind of event.

This exposition is the only one of its kind focused on organic and natural products to take place in the Middle East region. Working together with the UAE Ministry of Climate Change & Environment, along with IFOAM, the event has also evolved into one of the most significant celebrations of the modern organic movement in the region.

A big aspect that makes the expo such a success is its accessibility and round-the-clock nature. Rather than having fixed dates and limited access, the expo essentially runs all year long via its online presence and internet platforms, allowing buyers, sellers, producers, and all those interested in eco-friendly business and organic products to interact with one another.


It’s clear to see that the two main methods of CBD oil production have some major differences. They work in very different ways, leading to quite different products. Those who favor the cleanest and purest kind of oil will appreciate the clean nature of the CO2 process. This is also the best option for finding alcohol free CBD oil too.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil Romania is a health and wellness product that is made from hemp plants. The oil can be used for various purposes and may be given to both humans and animals in a range of circumstances.

How is CBD oil made?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for CBD oil in Belgium or CBD oil in Hungary, the oil is usually made using one of two methods. Either CO2 extraction or solvent ethanol extraction will be used for this process. CO2 extraction makes use of carbon dioxide in a liquid or ‘supercritical’ state to absorb CBD from the plant material, while ethanol extraction uses ethanol as a solvent.

Which method is best?

When looking for products like CBD oil in Austria, many people want to know which method is the best. Both options have their pros and their cons. CO2 extraction is widely considered the better option as it doesn’t involve the use of alcohol and creates a cleaner and purer product. CBD oil produced with CO2 tends to be cleaner and free of any nasty tastes or odors.

Where can I buy CO2 CBD oil online?

You can order quality CO2 CBD oil from Rick’s Hemp Oil. Rick’s is a leading, trusted supplier of high-quality oils and always makes use of an industry-leading, solventless CO2 extraction process. You can order Rick’s oils online, direct from the comfort of your own home, with various product types and quantities of CO2 CBD oil to choose from.

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