CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil is a supplement made from the flowers, leaves and stems of industrial hemp, Cannabis sativa. While there has been a surge of interest in CBD oil for humans, CBD oil for dogs is taking the canine world by storm.

Just like humans, dogs also have a well-developed endocannabinoid system that regulates many bodily processes. CBD oil is known to interact with the endocannabinoid system, and this makes it a supplement that many dog owners use to support pet wellness.

If you’ve been searching ‘CBD oil for dogs near me’, then you may need some helpful advice on buying, using and administering CBD oil for your dog. You’ve come to the right place! The best piece of advice when buying CBD oil is to only use a trusted seller, such as Rick’s Hemp Oil. This is to ensure you get the best quality CBD oil for dogs and exceptional customer care.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil for Dogs

There is a difference between hemp oil and CBD oil, and both have merits as a dog supplement. 

Hemp oil is from the seeds of the hemp plant. It is made by pressing the seeds to extract the oils within. Hemp seed oil has a high nutritional value, contains amino and fatty acids, and is easy for dogs to digest. Hemp seed oil does not contain CBD or any other cannabinoids.

CBD oil is made from the leaves, flowers and stems of hemp. It is these parts of the plant that contain cannabinoids, including CBD. Unlike marijuana strains of cannabis, hemp contains low levels of THC, so there are no psychoactive effects for humans or dogs. Choosing CBD oil for dogs means they benefit from the way it interacts with the endocannabinoid system, bringing different results than hemp seed oil.

CBD oil comes as Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or Isolate. It is only Full Spectrum CBD that contains trace amounts of THC. When all of the compounds in hemp plants work together, it is called the entourage effect. A Full Spectrum CBD oil for dogs has the full range of cannabinoids that may provide a greater therapeutic result. 

If you do have concerns over THC, you may prefer a Broad-Spectrum oil instead. It still has a range of cannabinoids, yet the THC has been removed. Isolate CBD oil only contains CBD, so lacks other beneficial compounds. For an all-round solution, a Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum may be the best choice.

CBD Dosages and Considerations

When using CBD as a pet supplement, there may be conflicting advice online about the right CBD oil dosage for dogs. The good news is that CBD is safe to use and is unlikely to cause ill effects if the dosage is too high. However, as with any supplement, there may be side effects in some dogs.

If you are not sure how much CBD oil to administer, using a CBD oil for dog’s dosage chart is a good place to start. Every dog is different, so while you might see quick results in one dog with a single dose, others may need a higher dose to see the same result.

When trying CBD oil for dogs, it is best to begin slowly and gradually build up the dosage to a point where the effects are noticeable. To give your dog CBD oil, it can be dropped into the mouth using a dropper, or added to food or water.

The Best CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil is available to purchase online or it may be stocked in some pet stores. A simple search for ‘CBD oil for dogs near me’ should bring up some local results. Just as with any supplement for pets, it is important to get the best quality CBD oil from a trusted supplier, such as Rick’s Hemp Oil.

As the CBD oil industry grows, there are an increasing number of places to buy CBD oil. Yet, not all sellers are reliable or trustworthy, so it’s important to do some research before you buy. If you want the best CBD oil for dogs, there are some things to look for when considering a supplier, such as extraction methods and manufacturing practices.

At Rick’s Hemp Oil, we supply organic CBD oil for dogs and other pets. Grown on organic farms in the USA, the hemp used for our CBD oils is the highest quality. All of our oils are made using CO2 extraction methods, the safest way to create the purest CBD oils with no chemical contaminants or residues. 

We create our CBD oils to be the very best for you and your dog, so we follow good manufacturing practices and strict quality control at every step of the way. Each batch of oil we make is independently tested by a third-party laboratory, and we aim for 100% transparency in everything we do.

Whether your dog needs short term, or long-term CBD use, you can count on the best customer care from Rick’s Hemp Oil. For Full Spectrum CBD oil for dogs, explore our collection.

When looking after your dog’s health, you only want the best CBD oil. Whether you choose Full Spectrum CBD oil or Broad-Spectrum CBD oil for dogs, buying from a reputable seller such as Rick’s Hemp Oil is essential.


How much CBD oil for dogs?

As every dog is different, CBD oil dosages will give varying results. Consult a dosing chart as a guide to begin with. You can higher or lower the dose depending on how it affects your dog.

Where to buy CBD oil for dogs?

CBD oil is available to purchase from online stores, and some pet stores. Only buy CBD oil for dogs from a trusted seller with good manufacturing practices, such as Rick’s Hemp Oil.

Where to buy CBD oil for dogs near me?

Not all pet stores sell CBD for dogs, so it is worth making enquiries before taking a trip to a store. It is simple to purchase CBD online. Rick’s Hemp Oil provides high grade CBD oils and fast delivery times. 

How long does it take for CBD oil to work in dogs?

Again, as every dog is different, it will take varying amounts of time to see the effects of using CBD oil. It also depends on what conditions are affecting your dog. For some dogs you may notice a difference within 30 minutes, whereas it could take a day or so for results in other dogs.

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